Clement Kent

York University, Toronto

Department of Biology

Research Interests:

I study complex systems in biology. My primary research is in the area of the genetics of social behaviors. I work with high-throughput sequencing data, gene arrays, mass spectrometry and gas chromatography data to find links between complex whole-organism phenotypes such as behaviors and life-history parameters, and the underlying genetic and biochemical pathways that help produce these phenotypes. I use these top-to-bottom linkages to test theories about the evolution of behaviors, social systems, and life histories.


Note: the two papers above were featured on the cover of Current Biology and have been discussed in the dispatches and news articles below:

 Note: from 1984-2004 I worked in computer software – see Other Publications for work during this period.


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Other Publications:

 Further popular education publications from 1990-2001 on the environment and horticulture – see and