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paperplates - a magazine for 50 readers; vol 1, number 2

The Seed Catalogue
A Comparative Study

by Clement Kent, 1991

Ferrys Seeds, Garden and Forest Jan 1 1890, pg. ii From Christmas to Easter, the gardener's mailbox is jammed with catalogues of seeds, plants, tools, and knick-knacks. Each year the firms involved sell their mailing lists to other, even less scrupulous concerns until eventually a random sampling of gaudy, badly printed and magnificently deceptive gardening brochures, contest offers, and mail-order catalogues for lunatics and devotees of hard-core kitsch comes pouring in through the door.

In this trove of wonders it can be hard at times to separate the chaff from the Chaenomeles. Herein, a short comparative study on the seed catalogue as a branch of literature.

This article originally appeared
in paperplates, vol. 1, no. 2.

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